Jewish Payment Processors Now Monitoring All Firearms Related Charges On All Credit And Debit Cards

Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are now going to categorize and monitor all sales on their cards related to firearms-related purchases. This is the future groundwork to block all firearms sales relating to purchases with all cards, including debit, in the future. Showing an example of why you must use cash when purchasing anything firearm-related, not only do you stop banks from surveilling you, but the gun shop doesn’t have to pay some jewish banker 2-3% of that sale.

Jewish bankers using their financial power to limit your gun ownership isn’t surprising whatsoever, and most likely this has been in the plans for a long time. What comes next remains to be seen. However, one should keep in mind that besides purchasing firearms, one should also look into the rising and ever-innovating 3D-Printed Firearms Movement. There is an article on The American Futurist here.