Sam Woodward Refuses To Work With Court Attempts To Label Him Crazy

Update with the Sam Woodward case: It appears Sam Woodward is refusing to attend sessions with the court-appointed psychiatrist in efforts to make him appear mentally ill for Sam’s political motivations. This is a common tactic for the system to deal with political dissidents by labeling them insane or mentally ill. This was also a common tactic in the Soviet Union as well.

Much remains to be seen with Sam Woodward’s trial, however; despite this, it seems that Sam Woodward is purposely delaying his trial, much to the anger of the prosecution and Blaze Bernstein’s family. It has undoubtedly cost the State of California a significant sum of money.

Whatever the outcome, we wish the best for Sam Woodward and his hardships, and hopefully he can come out on top of this. Though the odds are surely against him.

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