Jewish Collaborator and Anti-White Pig, Queen Elizabeth II has died!

It seems that hell is burning extra hot tonight! Jewish collaborator and anti-White vermin, Queen Elizabeth II has perished. This comes as many disgusting individuals have been dying left and right with individuals such as Madeleine Albright, Mikhail Gorbachev, Shinzo Abe, and now Queen Elizabeth II.

It’s all a great sign of things to come, especially with the death of Queen Elizabeth II comes a lot of issues that are not fully being realized. Reason being with the death of a English Monarch comes changes, lots of them. Lots of expensive and chaotic changes. Why? Because with the death of the Queen comes the fact that all Commonwealth countries must change their currencies to reflect the face of the new King of England, same with all street names in her name changed and more.

The economic cost of this witch’s death will total in the trillions for the Commonwealth, since the logistics of replacing your entire currency supply, changing street names, is a nightmare and expensive. All Commonwealth countries are already struggling financially enough, now imagine throwing this on top of it. This will break many of the African, Asian, and Caribbean nations that are already in poverty. Which it is suspected that many might leave the Commonwealth over this but the damage is already done.

Time will tell however how much damage this truly does to Commonwealth economies.

All we can say is again, hell is burning extra hot tonight.