Cloudflare blocks access to Kiwifarms

So, as covered in this publication prior, twice in fact, it seems that the communist transvestites have succeeded in their goal to get Cloudflare, the registrar and DDoS protection provider for Kiwifarms, to block visitor access to Kiwifarms’s .net domain that was with Cloudflare. extension of Kiwifarms is still active.

In a statement, Cloudflare stated that Kiwifarms is a “Threat to Human Life” . How a forum that has a strict TOS against contacting subjects of threads or doing anything against them as well as this being a part of the website’s user culture due to the fact such actions result in less content from the subject as well as legal issues for the owner of Kiwifarms, Joshua Moon, is a “Threat to Human Life” is beyond absurd.

This does show, however, that since the “Unite The Right Rally” in Charlottesville, there has been a system effort to destroy any discussion around the truth if it gets too big for the system’s liking. We have been victims of this ourselves, with The American Futurist’s original .xyz domain being seized by the United Nations due to the United Nations considering The American Futurist’s content “dangerous and terroristic”. The fact that an international body, such as the United Nations, could seize an American website’s domain simply because they didn’t like what they had to say is certainly a bad sign of things to come.

With these recent developments relating to Kiwifarms having their domain currently blocked and Cloudflare using it to broadcast their own message declaring that forum to be a violent website where evil plots are planned every day, it is simply insane. Anyone who has browsed Kiwifarms or spoken with a large portion of the userbase knows they are not these evil, violent terrorists. Most of them are harmless, socially autistic weirdos with no politics beyond some basic reactionary viewpoints.

However, this does not prevent the system’s media arms from simply lying to further an agenda. We, being former Atomwaffen Division members, know full well how the system’s media will just make shit up about people they don’t like. To insist that Kiwifarms and its userbase are a danger to humanity and that they just plot evil terrorist attacks every day is retarded. The same way these same journo scumbags lied about Atomwaffen Division being this “American ISIS” when the FBI themselves couldn’t find anything illegal going on in Atomwaffen Division so they had to arrest its leadership on technicalities relating to making artwork used for stickers.

While we are not politically aligned with Kiwifarms’s userbase, and we’re sure the owner of Kiwifarms, Joshua Moon, thinks we’re retards, we still sympathize with Kiwifarms’ plight at the hands of the system. It all started with users of the site simply discussing a Canadian transvestite communist known as Lucas Roberts, or better known as Keffals, along with his boyfriend Bobposting, allegedly grooming underage boys and sending these boys homebrew estrogen, which some claims allege was dissolved plastic.

So according to Cloudflare, the system’s media, and Twitter leftists. This is a “Threat to Human Life” the same way that those in charge of this rotten system declare all opposition a “Threat to Our Democracy” . It’s disingenuous, and not even those making the argument here believe it. They’re just too cowardly and disingenuous to ever state their real beliefs or actions.

The irony with this statement by Cloudflare, regarding Kiwifarms facilitating illegal activities, Cloudflare themselves are also engaging in this. The only reason the whole #DropKiwifarms ever became a thing was because a bunch of transvestite tech workers were angry they couldn’t just use shitty rent-a-booters to DDoS Kiwifarms. Even though the FBI never really enforces this law, DDoS is a federal crime. So there is an entire online movement that succeeded in removing protections for a website they don’t like so they could commit a federal crime. God really does have a sense of humor like that.

Imagine if a bunch of Nazis started a movement demanding DDoS protections for the ADL’s website be removed. Imagine how the system’s media would screech about that. Yet communist transvestites who are angry over a website simply discussing the possibility those communist transvestites could possibly be sending dissolved plastic for young boys to inject in their bodies for sexual gratification on part of the communist transvestites. The system’s media celebrates this movement and makes the communist transvestite the poor, innocent victim. It’s insanity.

Due to these recent developments. The American Futurist’s project relating to self-hosting, we’ll be looking into becoming a registrar as well, which from the looks of it is a pain in the ass to do and can cost an easy several grand. However, while we’re small in the grand scheme of things, we must be on top of these things unless we see ourselves getting run over by the system. The system is quickly consolidating power and control over internet infrastructure. The only way to get around this is by building our own and having it up and running by the time our reckoning comes around, and we can use it to protect others too.

If need be, we even have it planned to become our own Internet service provider, which turns out to not be that hard at all. Even niggers in Detroit have been figuring out how to build your own Internet service provider, according to a Vice News report on the subject.

All in all, the blocking of Kiwifarms is a grim reminder that if we as a movement do not stay on top of things, then we’ll get run over by them.

Niggers in Detroit build their own Internet Service Provider: