Gay Mexican Men Angry That Monkeypox Ruined Their Summer

According to NBC News, gay men (mostly mexicans interviewed) are angry and upset because monkeypox, a smallpox-like disease, has ruined their summer. Citing that they can no longer have constant, non-stop gay sex anymore and complaining how the US Government isn’t making smallpox vaccines (the vaccine that prevents getting monkeypox) fast enough for them to resume having non-stop gay sex and meetups.

This just goes to show how necessary the pharmaceutical industry is for these plague-carrying faggots. Without the cocktail of drugs they have to take every day just to do their activities, they’d get sick and die. Interestingly, NBC News felt the need to interview many mexican gay men who are intensely angry and upset that they cannot just get their asses filled without getting sick. Tough times ahead for Juan and Manuel it seems.

As this disease, which is primarily targeting gay men, spreads. It has become more apparent that the disease is mutating into deadlier variants. Just recently, a man was reported dead, possibly from monkeypox, in Texas. It is possible that monkeypox may be the new AIDS epidemic, and if deadlier variants come out, they might devastate the gay men’s community in a type of plague.

The Futurist Observer will watch for further updates as this story progresses.