Brazilian National Socialist Attempts to Assassinate Leftist Vice President of Argentina

A National Socialist activist from Brazil by the name of Fernando André Sabag Montiel (pictured above) has attempted but failed to take the life of leftist and Vice President of Argentina Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Vice President Kirchner and her husband, the former President of Argentina Nestor Kirchner, are both heavy proponents of “Kirchnerism”, a political ideology in Argentina that advocates for “Progressive Policies” such as faggotry, race mixing, and alike in Argentina.

Fernando, assumingly angry over this, along with the fact that South America has been experiencing a wave of leftist politicians promoting racial mixing and degeneracy that has been taking root in most South American countries, Fernando decided to take action and assassinate one of the heads of this sweeping movement. Although his plan failed.

However, despite this failure, it just goes to show that many in opposition to this rising South American leftist movement have been venting their opposition through targeted assassinations, and things will only escalate further. Though that has yet to be seen.

We will be monitoring developments in South America as this goes on.