US Electric Grid Under Threat

CBS’s 60 minutes released a segment titled “Vulnerable U.S. electric grid facing threats from Russia and domestic terrorists” , in which they discuss how incredibly vulnerable the US power-grid is to attack. There was much consternation over the fact that there are constant anonymous attacks on the grid that go unsolved and that there needs to be more to beef up security at the country’s substations that number over 55,000.

What the segment gets at is that it would be incredibly easy to bring down large segments of the power-grid, if not the whole thing, with just a few attacks on less than 10 substations at one time or around the same time, and that physical security and cyber security for these locations must be increased. But this of course is far little too late and all the proposed security measure are just the increase in a tangle of bureaucracy. So what you have is several “experts” whining about a major issue for the System and proposing several silly non-solutions. One of the “experts” even states that the White House can set new industry standards, but they would not be enforceable or required, just mere suggestions. And it also seems that the electric industry doesn’t really care much either, despite several people and organizations constantly complaining about how vulnerable the power-grid is.

This all goes to show that even if they did begin to implement some sort of security for the grid, it is too little too late, and far too costly for the electric industry to make a move. So we’re left with one hell of a sitting duck in everyone’s back yards.