Transvestite Communists Try Taking Down Kiwifarms For Documenting Them Grooming Kids

The internet gossip forum Kiwifarms has been seeing recent attacks from communist transvestites due to their recent documentation and monitoring of a Canadian transvestite and failed Communist Party of Canada politician known as “Keffals” online or by their real name, Lucas Roberts. With Lucas having his fan base harass any and all service providers of Kiwifarms, claiming that Kiwifarms wants to have him harmed, even though looking at his Kiwifarms thread, there was no evidence of this.

In reality, this seems to have started after users of Kiwifarms started finding out that allegedly Lucas Roberts had been with his partner (another transvestite and alleged pedophile) known as “Chloe” or “Bobposting” had been making synthetic estrogen in a bathtub and finding young vulnerable boys on the messaging app Discord to groom and, in their words, “pinkpill” these vulnerable young boys by sending them homemade estrogen without their parents’ knowledge. You can read an archive of “Chloe”‘s Kiwifarms thread here for further information and sources regarding claims made.

Users of Kiwifarms, especially the site’s owner Joshua Moon, have brought up these issues of Lucas and his boyfriend allegedly grooming young boys and then trying to feminize them by sending them volatile drugs without the knowledge of the parents of these young boys. According to Lucas, the Canadian government and police do not care one bit about the actions of Lucas. Yes, that is correct, the Canadian government, a government that has called for the mass arrest of individuals for even saying racist things or believing in racist things. That government doesn’t care when there are credible allegations of transvestites in their country grooming young boys and sending them volatile drugs for the purposes of a sexual fetish.

In fact, it seems that Canadian law enforcement seems more interested in investigating Kiwifarms users to see if any of those involved in the thread discussing Lucas are Canadian citizens that they can criminally charge. With allegations from Lucas himself stating that the police of London, Ontario are actively monitoring his thread to see if they can convict anyone for simply discussing Lucas and his boyfriend being alleged pedophiles. Keep in mind that Lucas himself does not deny sending volatile drugs to minors. In fact, you can go on his website and see in the top banner of the website “DIY HRT” which links to a website giving how-to guides aimed at minors in order to become transvestites.

All of this leads to one conclusion and one conclusion only. The system is evil, that much is clear. What do we call a system that is more interested in prosecuting and persecuting those who simply discuss allegations of two transvestites allegedly contacting young boys on the internet to feminize them? What do we call a system that not only doesn’t care about these individuals’ actions, but in the case of Lucas, has the entire system media made him out to be the victim? Just look up “Keffals Kiwifarms” on Google and hit the news tab, and you’ll see every single major system news source crying about how Kiwifarms users are the biggest bullies on Earth and should be dealt with, naming specific companies that give service to Kiwifarms so that the mob can harass those companies.

It’s absurd. It’s insane. While Kiwifarms isn’t the bastion of truth, it’s just a simple gossip forum, and as such, any random person can add their own two cents and gossip and spread rumors. Hence, any claim made on the site should be thoroughly looked into for hard evidence. However, the discussions around Lucas and his boyfriend and the allegations against them were backed up. Often times, by the very posts made by Lucas and his boyfriend themselves on Twitter and Discord. This, of course, has struck a nerve in Lucas so much that now he’s gotten the entire system to fall down on Joshua Moon for simply allowing discussion of Lucas’s alleged actions to continue.

We’ll finish this off with a statement made by Joshua Moon, the owner of Kiwifarms, regarding the situation, along with resources below for anyone interested in learning more:

The Kiwi Farms is an online discussion forum about people on the Internet. It is without agenda. If you want to talk about a public figure and their presence online, there is likely space to do so on my website. All I ask of my users is that they keep a cool head, a good sense of humor, and stay strictly within the boundaries of US law.

In the digital era, personal reputation has become a very valuable form of capital. Google, Wikipedia, online news outlets, and other large websites allow a public figure meticulous control over their public perception.

When a community of random anonymous nobodies can setup a forum and talk about a person candidly, where this control does not exist, it creates problems for influential people.

The opponents of this forum lie about its purpose and character. They misrepresent our speech as violence, our information as harassment, and our discussions as stalking.

Google cleans up their search results, the news prints their hit pieces, and Wikipedia canonizes those stories as truth. Instantly, the general public is left with one narrative available to them.

The mob then harass innocent people running unrelated third party services by sending emails in the thousands and threatening their families. This mob claims to be oppressed, when they can summon a hundred thousand dollars out of thin air and bend multi-billion dollar organizations to do what they want.

Meanwhile, our website is down through criminal behavior. Any outlet I use to discuss the ongoing attack is also targeted.

They have tried to justify this behavior with the logic that we “do not respond to anything except fear.” What I fear more than losing my site, being sued, or dealing with police is living in a world where fat eunuchs can groom little boys and girls into mutilating their bodies and taking drugs in secret, while normal people are not allowed to even discuss it.

The mob has already planned subsequent targets. Should we stay down, they will then attack ‘gender critical’ communities – especially those ran by and for women. No place can exist online which allows criticism of their fetishistic lifestyle, and nothing would excite them more than this power and domination struggle being inflicted on a female space instead.

They’ve made it clear that I and my family will be targeted for abuse and violence regardless of if I keep the site up or let it stay down. I have no reason to do anything but continue forward. Fuck these people.

See you soon,
Joshua Moon

As a reminder, these people, this system. They want your parents dead from opioids, your daughters to race mix, your sons to become transvestites and queers and for you to be thrown in a prison cell or dead for opposing them and they think it’s funny. This system is more evil than any beast that even could be described in the Bible. It’s distilled and pure evil.

For those wanting to look more into the adventures of Lucas, you can watch Joshua Moon on his podcast explain the whole saga in fine detail below: