Stock Market Crashes 1,000+ Points and Continues to Tumble

The US Stock Market crashes 1,000+ points in a day after the Federal Reserve makes comments implying an increase in interest rates in an effort to curb inflation of the US Dollar. This also comes as the US government frantically tries to appease the average American citizen through means such as student loan forgiveness and other policies. It remains to be seen if this will be enough.

With these recent developments, it shows a system in desperation due to policies during the COVID pandemic that caused great harm to the economies of the world and caused many to radicalize their politics in various directions. As a result of the aftermath, entire states such as Sri Lanka have burst into flames.

While this seems to just be a market shock from the Chairman of the Federal Reserve’s comments, it still shows a grim sign that the system is in frantic need of going back to a pre-pandemic economy. That’ll surely be a herculean task, especially with issues such as the “Great Resignation” in which many of your lower jobs are not being filled due to many refusing to work them, causing many economic issues with the system media basically begging and shaming those refusing to work a garbage job at McDonald’s or Wal-Mart where you bust your ass for little pay.

All of this will eventually pile up into further discontent and add to the powder keg of a country that is the United States. All that’s really left to ask is, what will be the spark to set it off?