Home Prices Tumble Down to a 10 Year Low

Home prices continue to crash in the US as the property bubble post-recession begins to burst. Jewish property investors are also celebrating as it means they can now buy up homes for cheap and turn home owners into home renters as mortgage interest rates skyrocket. As a reminder that economic recessions and even depressions are beloved by the jews, it means they can buy up property and shares in companies for pennies on the dollar. As Nathan Rothschild (a famous jewish banker) himself once said:

So goes ahead with the plan to turn the average White American into a serf, where you own nothing and you’ll be happy with it. Where if you want to purchase property, you’ll have to pay out the ass for even the smallest of parcels. Where all you eat is high fructose corn syrup laced pig slop and the diseases caused by it are given medications by the same people who caused the poisoning in the first place.

This is their ultimate plan, their end goal. To see us all become peasant serfs while the various bankers, politicians, elite families, CEOs and alike look above us as we slave away for their benefit, in fact it seems largely we’re already 99% of the way there. The only question left is, what are you going to do to stop it White Man?