FBI Agents Caught Destroying Evidence To Frame a Former Arkansas State Senator

In the case of former Arkansas State Senator Jon Woods, undercover FBI operations have, yet again, been shown to be full of lies and corruption. Sen. Woods was charged with taking bribes from a Christian College in exchange for using his senatorial influence to grant them more funding.

Unsurprisingly, one of Woods’ colleagues in congress, State Rep Micah Neal, agreed to wear a wire and entrap Woods after being pressured by the feds. They, however, were unable to get what they wanted. Rather than admitting to the allegations, Woods vehemently denied them, and asked his colleague why he was asking these bizarre questions. FBI agent Robert Cessario, Neal’s undercover handler, realized that these recordings were highly damaging to the case against Jon Woods. So, Cessario did exactly what you’d expect a pig to do – he wiped his computer clean, destroying all of the exculpatory recordings.

Two of Cessario’s fellow agents confronted him over this – his actions were blatantly obvious, and they didn’t want to go down with the ship. Cessario’s actions were then publicly revealed, with Woods and his attorneys being certain that the government couldn’t continue to prosecute him after this came to light. But, they were incorrect. Despite this major malfeasance, the prosecution went on.

During the pretrial hearings, it was revealed that FBI Informant Micah Neal’s lawyer also had copies of these recordings. But, just prior to the start of the trial, the lawyer’s “hard drive crashed, conveniently deleting the only remaining copies of the recordings. But, this blatant misconduct was still not enough for the government to end its attack on Jon Woods.

Despite all of this obvious corruption, Sen. Jon Woods was convicted of receiving bribes and mail fraud, and was sentenced to an outrageous 18 years in federal prison, and he is required to serve at least 85% of his sentence. Jon Woods has had his career ruined, his marriage wrecked, and his reputation destroyed.

Here at the Futurist Observer, we don’t feel much sympathy for Zionist politicians. But – if the FBI will lie, destroy evidence, and ruin the life of an innocent man – imagine what they’ll do to you if they get the chance.