Anti-White Eurasianist Aleksander Dugin’s Daughter Meets a Fiery Fate

On Sunday, August 21st, 2022, sometime during the night Russian time, a car bombing occurred, killing Darya Dugina, 30 years old, the sole daughter of Aleksander Dugin, a so-called “Eurasianist” geopolitical strategist/philosopher backed by the Russian State with a virulent hatred for the White Western World. Posts of the incident were first spread around by “Baza”, a Russian news outlet on telegram, showing images of a burned out Toyota Land Cruiser, which is by now confirmed to be Dugin’s daughter’s vehicle, according to TASS (Russian News Agency).

Baza reported that Darya was returning from a literature and music festival known as “Tradition”. Ten minutes later, after having entered the vehicle, she was instantly killed in the blast, though it is believed she was not the main target. Despite the fact she was just like her father, a carbon copy of his psychotic braindead ideology, Dugin, in reality, was the main goal, but by mere chance he escaped his long awaited demise. At the last second, he entered a different vehicle driven by Pyotr Lundstrem, a Russian violinist.

With this news now flowing through the internet, the accusation of “intelligence work” being the culprit of this assassination is being cried out by the usual suspects such as Eric Striker, Zoltanous, Keith Woods, non-Whites such as Syrian Girl, and other closeted Marxist subverters that try to subvert our movement that admire Dugin’s Eurasianist work. Time-wasting deradicalizers such as them will ignore the fact that many White nationalists in Russia have been deliberately targeted and killed by the state, such as Tesak, while Dugin and his Eurasian agenda are praised in their stead. I frankly would not be surprised to find that a group of determined revolutionaries, be they Ukrainian or disgruntled Russians, would aim to cut the heads of Jewish snakes in Russia, such as Dugin. Yet these pathetic excuses of self-proclaimed “intellectuals” are desperate to get their followers of gullible idiots to cry over the death of this Anti-White whore Darya, who believes, in her own words, “I am completely anti-racist and I believe that Western European society is a totalitarian society. They are totalitarian racists. “

Darya Dugina was raised by Dugin since birth, absorbing his ideological poison and becoming a self-hating White like her father. Dugin, on the other hand, might as well be an honorary kike, as there is a plethora of video and written evidence that he practices “Kabbalah”, literally Jewish mysticism, which you can see for yourself here while wishing for the demise of Western Civilization (White Civilization) as it represents the “embodiment of racism”, which is why he seeks to establish a multiracial new “Eurasian man” to surpass the USSR in scope and ambition.

We should view the death of Darya Dugina as a victory for the movement of the world and a defeat for all anti-White vermin, showing that if you’re anti-White, you’re not safe anywhere in the world.