Trouble at Hoover Dam

Issues have arisen at Hoover Dam as the dam’s reservoir known as Lake Mead has been rapidly evaporating water, which very well could lead to Lake Mead becoming a deadpool. That is, of course, when a dam’s reservoir becomes too low in water that it cannot generate power anymore.

This has become quite an issue that has been caused by the fact that out of the states that use Lake Mead for drinking water, Nevada (the state in which Lake Mead is located) only uses 6% of the drinking water from the lake, while other states, such as Arizona (using 14%), and California (using a whopping 80%) of Lake Mead’s drinking water supply. This comes as California has been using legal action to suck up even more water from the already drying up lake, and apparently, despite Lake Mead not even being in the State of California, California holds the most rights over the lake and has not had their over-consumption cut back by the Federal Government.

This also comes as Californians have been refusing to invest in desalination plants that will turn seawater into drinkable freshwater. Why? because it’ll make some of their beaches an eyesore. Californian liberals are the stupidest lemmings in the United States for sure, even having their nuclear power plants shut down and replaced with coal and oil burning power plants and wanting to shut down ALL NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS IN CALIFORNIA. Yes, you heard me correctly. Not only are Californian liberal lemmings refusing to be self-sufficient in their own drinking water, but they’re also sabotaging their own power supply for virtue-signalling reasons. It’s insanity on full display.

As a form of entitlement, however, because they can’t be self-sufficient and refuse to be so, they want to suck up the natural resources and especially the fresh water supply of the interior United States, especially that of the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes, which will lead to the destruction of ecosystems and habitats for animals in these regions. Many of them are acting smug about how they can screw over the White rural people who live in “Fly-Over States” and can build their water pipelines at will. Many White rural people who live in these areas have published op-eds in local newspapers expressing their intention to use explosives on such infrastructure and kill any who safeguard such pipelines.

Hoover Dam has shown us all what will become a growing antagonism between the White rural peoples of the interior United States and the cosmopolitan urbanite liberals of various racial heritages who collaborate with the system and are a part of it. We must firmly pick our side with the White rural people of the United States against the system and use it to bring about the death of this rotten satanic ripoff system. That much is obvious.