The Republican Party splitting over the FBI Question

Mike Pence and other moderates within the Republican Party have been recently dueling it our with the MAGA faction of the Republican Party over the FBI question relating to whether or not the FBI should be defunded or even disbanded. This comes as many Americans, particularly of the Republican affiliation have increasingly become more and more anti-FBI, especially with the recent raid on the home of Donald Trump.

While we do not think anything productive will come of these politicians bickering and paying lip service to both of their sides. It is of great significance however to see a growing anti-FBI sentiment among the White public that our movement can use to recruit and gain sympathy as we can simply point to the FBI’s actions against ourselves for reference. This presents to us a great opportunity to expand and grow our message even further.

We’d like to thank the FBI for screwing up their public relations so much that a large section of the White population actively hates them now and sees them as corrupt and wants their funding cut or even see their agency disbanded. It makes our job as revolutionaries that much easier in terms of agitation and spreading the message. Our enemies incompetence and stupid actions will only grow further as time goes on as it becomes easier and easier for us to grow and eventually take over.