Mestizo Midget goes on a rampage in Pennsylvania after getting into an argument with his mother

On August 15th, a man of mestizo descent known by the name of 24 year old Adrian Oswaldo Sura Reyes in Pennsylvania ran over a crowd of individuals at a charity event killing 1 and injuring 17. The reasoning for the rampage was started with an argument with his mother, in which Sura Reyes left the house in anger and drove off and then decided to run over a crowd of people in his sight then drive back home to beat his mother to death according to the Pennsylvania State Police.

His mother, identified as Rosa D. Reyes, was apparently ran over by her son on then beaten to death with a hammer after Sura Reyes confessed to police that hitting her didn’t kill his mother so he decided to take a hammer and beat her to death with it. The other victim that died in the first car attack has yet to be identified.

Sura Reyes himself has made a public statement regarding this attack with the simple response of “Sorry.” which in today’s society might get him an early release and a hug as he promises to never do it again. Of course this is the consequence of being within a society that is multi-racial and multi-cultural. Cultures, both the good and bad of them, you get to experience. Sure we may have to deal with insane things like this happening but at least at the end of the day we get to have a good street taco from the suspicious truck on the corner. So it seems to all even out in the end.