IRS Hiring More Agents to Kill Tax Cheats

Just recently, the Internal Revenue Service, with its newly increased budget, is now trying to increase its workforce size of “Criminal Investigation Special Agents”  who should be prepared to shoot to kill anyone who resists the IRS. This has come as the system has been increasing its security apparatus to protect itself internally through means such as the FBI but also to protect its life blood, tax revenue, by hiring more system collaborators so they can use violent force agents against those not wishing to pay into the system’s coffers.

The security will only increase as the system begins to decay more and more. However, while the system increases its security state, those being hired in won’t be the most competent from what history shows us. As the system grows more and more desperate, so too does the competence of those in-charge of it start to decay with the system itself, leading to a feedback loop of sorts.

What is concerning is that with this increase in system security will come an increase in system raids and state sanctioned hits on anti-system individuals as the system desperately tries to save itself from its inevitable collapse. Anti-system individuals can only watch themselves and make sure they’re safe and secure, lowering the chance of the system coming down on you and murdering you or throwing you in a cage. There is always a chance this could happen to anyone.

All this news shows us is that we live in unprecedented times and that makes things paradoxically both easy to predict what will happen next and hard to predict what will happen next. No one but the creator knows for certain.