FBI Director Cries Over Average Americans Hating Them

FBI Director Christopher Wray cries on national television over the increasing reality of the average American no longer liking them, in fact outright hating them. The FBI themselves no longer being seen as these “Knights of Justice” but as thugs for the system and to enforce system will unto those who are anti-system. In cases such as Robert Mathews, the FBI will even burn you alive. Or in cases such as Randy Weaver, they’ll murder your wife and son.

The FBI for a while now has been doing fumble after fumble in their public relations with most recently the FBI raiding the home of former President Donald Trump over a paper storage error. Showing to many Americans that the FBI is nothing more than a gang of violent thugs who will find the most petty of reasons to go after you and ruin your life and make an example out of you. One only has to read how the FBI operated towards the late Atomwaffen Division and especially that of Kaleb Cole to see what I mean. You can read the two articles about the trial of Kaleb Cole and the absurdity of his charges here and here.

Hopefully this increases what has become a growing sentiment that the FBI should be abolished as it serves no legitimate purpose other than to act as the system’s boot upon the necks of those opposed to it. Only time will tell.